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Contrast Contouring™


HiFU Contouring™

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Specializing in Contrast Contouring™ (freezing fat) and HiFU Contouring™ Non-invasive Face Lift, Your Best Body Today strives to give you the best experience possible. Our experienced staff is committed to you feeling and looking your best, we make sure our office is quiet and peaceful so that you can relax, some clients even take naps during their session.

Contrast Contouring™

Contrast Contouring™ (freezing fat) is an amazing process that heats the fat to 107 degrees then freezes to 12.2 degrees 4 times each hour session. Heating the cell is an important part of damaging the fat so the body will remove it. Usually, people see results starting as soon as 2 weeks and will continue through week 8. We can treat the same area as often as once a month.

Contrast Contouring™ fat reduction is leading the way to a beautiful you! Come see us and find out how easy it is to get the body you’ve always wanted!

HiFU Contouring™

Key advantages of HiFU Contouring™:

– No recovery time
– Noticeable results
– No cuts to the skin
– Natural collagen production
– One treatment per year

After cleaning the face, our technicians will apply a gel on the treatment areas and pulses of ultrasound will go under the skin. There is a mild discomfort during the process. Results last a year and the whole process is less than 1.5 hours for the neck and face.

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Contrast Contouring – Full 60 min session for 1 large or 2 medium/small areas

  • First Time Client Single Session: $299
  • Single Session: $349
  • Two Session Package (save $50): $649
  • One large area + Chin: $449
  • Chin Only: $199

HiFU Non Invasive Facelift

  • 1.5 Hour Face & Neck Session: $799
  • 30 Minute Touch Up: $399
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Michael was amazing and very Thorough on the procedure and what will happen and just gave me a full insight. I’ve had issues in the past with Other places about not giving enough information for not living up to what they said they’re going to do but he was very accurate and very honest and did a great job! I will make sure to refer them to everyone!

Penny Thurman-Jecker

Great service and very happy with results

Erik Mion

I had my first session at Your Best Body Today on Monday. It was a pleasant experience. It is simple, non-invasive. You can watch a movie, take a nap or just relax.

Ashly Sherrill Tenini

I have been looking for a reasonable priced procedure to eliminate or reduce some stubborn fat patch on my stomach. I have been researching the available processes. I was all for getting one or two cool sculpting sessions. Then I run into the fat freeze/heat procedure that Your Best Body Today offers. I had one session early December and have seen good results. The technician is well versed in the process. She explained to me the procedure in detail and it’s painless. Their schedules are convenient. Good service!

Mary Olivares Grunewaldt

Best decision I’ve ever made. It’s been three weeks since my appointment and the fat is just falling off. It’s really a miracle and it only took an hour to do what I couldn’t do with diet / excercise in months… and all I did was sit there! Thank you guys and highly recommend!

James Taylor

Important Information

Contrast Contouring™

We can not treat the following clients:
1. Anyone on blood thinners.
2. Anyone with a healing disorder
3. Anyone on an aspirin regimen over 81mg.
4. Anyone with a skin condition where the skin is cracked or inflamed.
5. Pregnant women

HiFU Contouring

We can not treat the following clients:
1. Cardiac implantable electrical devices.
2. Metal stents or implants in the face or neck – dental implants are ok, though.
3. Anyone that does not heal well or has a healing disorder. Open face wounds.
4. Permanent dermal implants.
5. Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
6. Anti-thrombotic therapy.

HiFU Contouring After Treatment: Please do not go in the sun for at least 3 days. Wash your face with warm or cold water…not hot. Please hydrate your face every day. You can even visit our recommended friends that offer facial hydration.

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